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T E S T I M O N I A L S 

When I was in the studio working on a piece with Olga, she used to always ask something to the effect of, ‘What is the story here? What do you imagine, paint me a picture…’ I was terrible at this: I didn’t know what was happening, didn’t imagine anything, didn’t have a story. But now upon hearing music, vivid narrative imagery, whether physical and literal or abstract and spiritual, automatically enters my mind to an extent that approaches synesthesia. That is what Olga cultivated in me: imagination and spirit and life."

                          Daniel  Dimitrescu, Graduate                                                                 

"Ms. Olga (that’s what kids and parents all like to call her) has been my 17-year son’s piano teacher for 9+ years! Eric said Ms.Olga  is and probably will be his teacher of the longest years in his life. Ms. Olga is not only a wonderful music teacher but also a trustful life mentor to Eric. For all these years, we are so proud to watch Eric grow from fingering a nursery song to a confident concert performer at the Carnegie Hall and become truly a classical music lover. We as parents are very thankful to have found Ms. Olga Urick as a teacher! Her relentless diligence as a perfectionist, her full-hearted passion to arts (including her self designed gorgeous studio!) and her metaphors of life in teaching have holistically instilled music as something more than a daily practice task into Eric’s learning. The amount of inspiration is the superpower that motivated Eric. Ms. Olga never skipped a student when arranging group lessons, recitals, rehearsal events and masterclasses with professors. Her musical friends and peers all became her students’ teachers and coaches. It feels her students have endless opportunities to expand their musical horizons. Ms. Olga taught musicality as a sense and sensibility, more than just notes and mechanics. I see that as a life long gain for Eric and other students. Plus, she always tried to include her studio members as a big family. Her fun picnic events are one of the best memories too! Thank you so much!"

                                                                                      Jin Shi 

"Ms. Olga was my teacher for 13 years and is without a doubt one of the most supportive, formative influences in my life. Her dedication to fostering excellence in her students is unrivaled and I attribute many of my core traits to her instruction. From coordinating masterclasses for us to arranging extra lessons, she stops at nothing to ensure that her students receive the best education in music possible !"    

                                                                           Sophia Hu, Graduate                                                                                             

"Throughout many years of teaching, I had many students of different abilities, some were talented, others were not, and many in between. Part of them simply came into my life and left, while others became dear friends, colleagues, and soulmates. What united us was the love of music and the inability to live without it. My dear friend Olga, whose continuous dedication to music is so inspiring, is one of such people. I was lucky enough to visit the USA a few years ago and to hear Olga’s students play. As I attended some of her lessons, I witnessed how inspiring her teaching style is and how much love, dedication, and professionalism she brings to her class. I was shocked by the difficulty of pieces her young students play and by the level of mastery they play them with. To me, as Olga’s piano teacher, it was such an honor to witness Olga’s talent, success and never-ending love to what she does. If I could describe Olga with one word, it would be Love (with capital “L”). She is simply radiating love to people and to music. 

                                                                                      Larisa Yesina 

                  Professor of Music at the High Musical College of Ukraine


" Olga is one of the top teachers in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. She cares deeply and passionately for her students, creating a highly supportive and energizing environment in which they flourish. It has been a joy to get to know her personally and professionally during my years in NC, and it is a privilege to continue to be her friend and colleague!

Thomas Otten

Professor and Head of Piano,

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

"I’ve known Mrs. Urick and her students for many years - she is a superb teacher with a stellar national reputation, who combines the best of the Russian School of Piano approach with the newest methods in her teaching. She stands for the highest standards of musicianship, and it’s evident from her students’ successes in music and beyond, that she is doing something very special in her guidance of them."

                                                                           Marina Lomazov 

                            Professor of Piano at the Eastman School of Music, 

                            Artistic Director of the Southeastern Piano Festival,

                            Steinway Performing Artist .


" Olga is a dedicated teacher who gives an incredible amount of energy, love and cares for her students. As a result, her students have a close relationship with music and this comes through in their performances."

                                                                                          Kwan Yi

                                                               Assistant Professor of Piano


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